Journey to Essentialism: Tech

My second topic on my journey to essentialism is tech. This is 3 fold: Devices, Accounts & Apps. This was one of the more relieving aspects of my journey thus far. Even though these accounts and apps aren’t tangible, it doesn’t mean they won’t bring unneeded stress. Managing many accounts is the equivalent of managing many physical items, for me, it actually may have been worse.

Lets start with the physical devices. I once would buy the latest and greatest new gadget out there, use it for 2-3 months, then completely abandon it. Over the last couple of years I sold those off and kept only the bare essentials (well, essentials to me). Here’s that list:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Alexa
  • Wink (Home Automation)
  • Nest (So I can keep an eye on the pup)
  • Modem & Router

Now onto accounts. As stated in an earlier post, How Quitting Facebook Improved My Life, I have been eliminating some social media accounts (more recently snapchat & twitter have been deleted). But social media is not the only type of account I was looking to eliminate. I had multiple e-mail addresses, accounts for random apps I’ve tried, etc. For security reasons, I am not going to list the accounts I possess, but you can see the total before and after ‘essentializing’ below:

And finally, apps. I was never that bad at hoarding apps. I like to have my iPhone and iPad clean and tidy. I did use the above section (accounts) to eliminate a number of apps that I no longer needed. Again, for security reasons I am not going to list all the apps I posses, but you can see that there were a number of apps I was able to eliminate through the totals below: