10 Ways Minimalism Has Changed My Life

Now I have to admit, this is not the most ‘original’ post I have ever created. In fact, many of the ideas and comments are lifted directly from this post: 10 Ways Minimalism Ruined My Life. I just had to write ‘my version’ of this because this post resonated so much with me. It is absolutely insane how fast these feelings come on once you have minimized your life. So lets get started, shall we.

1. I think about every purchase thoroughly.

Every single purchase I have made since minimizing my life has sparked some internal debate. How often will I use this? Does it serve more than one purpose? Do I see value in buying this? Does this item mean anything to me? Is this item special?

I also am becoming more conscious of where the item came from. How it was made. What effects it will have on the environment. I try to support companies with strong ideals and morals, such as Patagonia (See them stand up for what they believe here), and not support the less moral ones.

2. Clutter Drives Me Insane.

This is not a new feeling. Clutter always drove me nuts. I always enjoy the look of open / negative space. I cannot stand spaces filled with pointless knick-knacks and other clutter. A space without clutter seems to open the min in a way. I’ve always found that the more things I had around me, the more cluttered my thoughts were, leaving little room for me to be open to creativity and other thoughts.

3. I have more time on my hands

Again, the concept of less = more reveals itself. The less I have to organize and clean, the more time I have to focus on the important things. In my past, I would become ‘bored’ and use that time to have some cocktails and watch Netflix for a couple hours. But those times have subsided as well. I now spend time on things like going on long walks with my pup and I reading. Things I enjoy thoroughly.

4. Less Clothes = Less decisions to make in the morning. 

I no longer have to syphon through my wardrobe to find what I am going to wear for the day. I have my jeans, some shirts on rotation, and that’s it. I have clothes that I like, and have gotten rid of those I did not. Pretty simple. This makes the morning routine more streamlined (giving me 10+ mins of more sleep).

5. My eating is much healthier.

No more Jacks Pizza for me every other night. With my free time, I now spend time preparing my own meals and experimenting with healthy recipes. My sous vide cooker is my savior. Cooking perfect chicken and fish every time with no effort. I also have become very conscious of where my food is coming from. Food is a tricky thing to figure out, but I’ll do another post on that later.

6. Guilt / Depression has subsided.

See, I recently found out that I had become one of those people that believed that ‘things’ would make me happy. I was consumerism’s perfect specimen. I would constantly be looking for the latest-and-greatest new thing. When I found it, I would buy it. And that ‘thing’ I had that still worked fine but ‘was not the latest version’ was retired and stored away in my tech graveyard. The buying of these items did not make me feel good like I thought they would. It made me feel bad that they weren’t making me feel good. Did that make sense? I felt like these things should be making me feel better. When they didn’t, I felt sad and acquired more; chasing that happiness in items.

7. Everything has it’s place. Nothing is ever lost. 

I no longer have to search through multiple drawers to find the charging cable for that one thing. This is two-fold: 1. I most likely no longer HAVE that ‘one thing.’ 🙂 2. If I did, the cable would always be in the same spot. I no longer have to syphon through drawers filled with cables, because I have minimized. I have a 1:1 relationship; my device to cable ratio, one.

8. I get outside more.

I love the outdoors. I grew up outdoors in the woods. That is where I find solace. I get to do that more now. And Pabs and I love it!

9. Shopping is a chore, not an activity

It’s crazy how people spend their free time shopping. Shopping has become an American past-time. Consumerism is strong. But I am slowly stepping away from that. Being a marketer, this seems a bit silly for me to be saying, but I absolutely HATE the constant barrage advertisements. It’s everywhere, and it is becoming more-and-more detrimental to our society’s health.

10. Chemicals have become an enemy. 

In the past 2 weeks I have gone from heavy chemical cleaning and health supplies to all homemade organic supplies. And quite honestly, I think mine work a lot better. It may be a psychological thing, but the smell of harsh chemicals made me feel sick. I also have been focusing on what happens when that chemical goes down my sink. Where does it end up? Many people don’t see beyond their own spaces. Out of sight, out of mind. I think we need to become more conscious of the effects our decisions make. That would make this world a much happier, better place.

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