2 Months Sober & Healthy

The time has come to celebrate another month of health and sobriety.

Health has been my major focus for the past two months. Eating right, exercising, mindfulness, and most importantly: consistency. My days are now structured. I have a morning routine, an after-work routine, and a bedtime routine. I rarely stray from these routines (allowing new habits to be formed). I now have the tools I need to leave the past life of excess behind.

In sticking with these routines, sobriety has become a secondary thought. In the past, my main focus was to stay sober. ‘Okay, Kurt, don’t drink today’ I’d tell myself. That thought permeated throughout the day. Having the structure to my days has naturally eliminated those thoughts. I simply don’t do it. Don’t need to. I have better things to do with my time.

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