My Relaxing Evening Routine

My evening routine is in BETA. I have only been adhering to it for little over a week now. Though I see some areas for improvement, I am comfortable sharing this with you. Minor tweaks will be made here-and-there, but overall I think I’m going to stick with this.

1. Computer time / Screen time

I stare at a computer all day, so I try and get away as much as I can. This frees my time for more important things like exercising, reading, and quality time with my pup. On a non-blogging day I allow myself 1 1/2 hours of computer time. If I am blogging, I increase this to 2 hours (I freehand write most of my posts before uploading so I don’t need much time).

2. Exercise 

The amount of time I walk at night is dependent on the amount of steps I acquire during the day. I have found that I usually walk around 1 – 1.5 hours a night (this pushes me well above my 10,000+ step goal). I’ll also mix in some weight training or climbing exercises every-other-day.

This is also a great way to bond with / tire out my pup. During this extended walk the dog gets all of his business done.

3.  Feed the dog / Make dinner 

At this time, I give Pabs his daily Greenie treat (I swear these things are like crack for dogs) and fill up his bowls with water and food.

It’s also when I prepare my own dinner. I make simple meals that take around 30mins or so to cook. I cook most of my proteins sous vide, so it can be preparing as I do other things.

4. Reading

I read for at least 1 hour per day. This allows me to read, on average, 1 novel per week. If I am really into the book I am reading, I will bleed into my computer / screen time. I do not own a TV so reading is my form of entertainment (more on that in a later post: hopefully I’ll remember to come back and add a link). My reading is usually accompanied with a nice cup of tea.

5. Warm Shower

I take a nice warm shower before preparing for bed. I hate going to bed dirty. This is also a great way to start unwinding. During the shower I walk through my day. What did I do well? What can I improve? How were my interactions at work? How was my attitude? What things made me happy? What things upset me?

As I reflect on my day, I try and pick one thing that I can focus on improving the next day. Did I get frustrated too quickly today? Tomorrow I will practice better patience. And so on…

6. Meditation

I meditate for 15 mins before bed. This brings me to the present and sets the stage for a peaceful nights rest.

7. Let the pup out one last time

No need for any further explanation here.

8. Bedtime

I set my alarm and drift into slumberland. If I have exercised and limited my caffeine intake I usually fall asleep quite quickly.


So there it is! There’s my daily evening routine. What do you think? Do you have a daily routine that you adhere to? I want to hear about it! Comment below!

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