Meditation Posture – Burmese


For a long time I was unable to ‘cross’ my legs as seen in the half lotus and full lotus postures. The Burmese pose was a great stepping stone toward becoming more comfortable with the more advance cross-legged postures. In this posture I sit upon a meditation pillow stuffed with buckwheat husks. This allows for a straightening of the spine in a more relaxed position.


  1. Place meditation pillow on ground.
  2. Place butt on pillow and fold legs inward toward hips (do not cross legs).
  3. Straighten your back, roll and relax your shoulders.
  4. Fold hands (one on top of the other) with palms up and rest near the waist.
  5. Head should be balanced with the chin slightly tucked in.

Common Mistakes: 

  1. Do not cross your legs. Simply fold one after the other.
  2. Do not overarch your back, keep it nice and straight.
  3. Your thighs should be slightly off the ground while knees, calfs and feet rest on the ground.

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