Meditation Posture – Full Lotus


The full lotus is the most advanced meditation posture and will take extreme flexibility in your joints. It’s important that you don’t force this posture as damage can be done. Remember, you should remain comfortable throughout your meditation practice. If you sense a pulling or stretching in your joints and muscles, your meditation session will not be as productive. Work up to this position through yoga and other types of stretching exercises.


  1. Place meditation mat on ground.
  2. Place butt on mat and fold leg inward toward hips.
  3. Cross one foot over the rest on the thigh of the opposing leg.
  4. Take the other foot and cross over to rest on the thigh of its opposing leg.
  5. Straighten your back, roll and relax your shoulders.
  6. Fold hands (one on top of the other) with palms up and rest near the waist.
  7. Head should be balanced with the chin slightly tucked in.

Common Mistakes: 

  1. DO NOT force this pose. You may become injured.
  2. Do not slouch. Keep back straight and relaxed.

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