Minimalist Series: What’s in My Closet

The closet was one of the easier places for me to minimize. This was a problem I solved long before becoming a Minimalist. It all started back in College.

I owned far too many clothes when I was in College. I chose the word ‘owned’ because I never touched many of the items that hung in the closet. Even though these items were never worn, the sneaky bastards always seemed to find their way into the dirty laundry pile. I could never decipher was was clean and what was dirty. So I had to wash everything… (Sound Familiar?) I hated doing this laundry, so I started donating the things I wasn’t wearing.

Below are the items I currently own: 

The Basics

1. (8) pairs of UnderArmor Socks (4 white, 4 black)
2. (2) UnderArmor Boxers
3. (1) UnderArmor Compression BoxerJock
4. (5) Hanes Comfort Fit T-Shirts


5. (1) AE Bootcut Jeans
6. (1) UnderArmor Work Out Pants
7. (1) Hanes Solid Knit Pant (Comfortable Loungewear)
8. (1) Khaki Dress Pant
9. (1) Navy Dress Pant


10. (3) Jos.A.Bank Traveler Collar Shirts
11. (1) Patagonia Hooded Sweatshirt
12. (1) UnderArmor Workout Shirt
13. (1) Wisconsin Badger Hockey Jersey  (Go Bucky!)

Hats / Accessories

14. (1) REI Co-op Baseball Hat
15. (1) Wisconsin Badger Knit Winter Hat
16. (1) Reversible Black / Brown Belt


17. (1) North Face Winter Jacket
18. (1) North Face Rain Jacket


19. (1 Pair) New Balance Everyday Shoes
20. (1 Pair) Adidas Boost Running Shoes
21. (1 Pair) Teva Hiking Shoes


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