Minimalist Series: What’s in My Kitchen

Ahhhhhh, the kitchen. A breeding ground for clutter. Drawers and cabinets filled to the brim with one-off specialty gadgets, containers, lids, cups, plates, silverware, electronic devices, serving plates/trays, and that package of saltine crackers that’s been in your pantry since you moved in 10 years ago.

I am guilty of far too many crimes when it comes to kitchen consumerism. My kitchen was on par with a television cooking show. No matter what the situation, I had the right sized spatula, or spoon, or gadget to deal with it. I also had all the devices: A mixer, blender, food processor, juicer, crockpot, rice cooker… The list goes on!

Here’s the craziest part… I NEVER COOKED! And that’s not to say, “oh… I only cooked 3 times per week or once per week,’ I LITERALLY NEVER COOKED. The most important things in my kitchen were my phone or my computer… the two devices I used to order food for delivery.

One of the major changes I made in April 2017 was to give up the food delivery and start cooking. At the same time, I was starting to minimize my possessions to the bare essentials. It was a bit of a balancing act, but I am happy where I landed. The items I have in my kitchen force me to be creative and simplify my meals. Meals that I have been enjoying for a little over three months now.

Again, like all minimizing, the idea is not for me to limit myself in a negative way. My challenge was to find the minimal amount of tools and gadgets that I could possess while still being able to cook enjoyable meals! 

So, let’s have a look at my Minimal Kitchen:

Pots, Pans & MISC

1. (1) GSI Outdoors Frying Pan
2. (1) GSI Outdoors Dualist Pot
3. (1) GSI Outdoors Tea Pot
4. (1) OXO Pasta Strainer

Plates and Silverware

5. (1) GSI Outdoors Fork
6. (1) GSI Outdoors Spoon
7. (1) GSI Outdoors Knife
8. (1) MSR Stainless Steel Plate
9. (1) MSR Stainless Steel Bowl

Tea and Drink

10. (1) Bodum Glass Tea Container filled w/ My Current Favorite Loose Leaf Tea
11. (1) Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker
12. (1) Teavana Tea Filter
13. (1) 12oz Enamel Mug
14. (1) 22oz Hydro Flask Metal Drinking Cup
15. (1) 48oz Hydro Flask Metal Drinking Cup


16. (1) Anova Bluetooth Sous Vide Machine & Container
17. (1) Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer

Knives, Spoons, Spatulas, & MISC

18. (1) Calphalon 3 1/2″ Pairing Knife
19. (1) Calphalon 5″ Boning Knife
20. (1) Calphalon 7″ Santoku Knife
21. (1) Calphalon 8″ Chef Knife
22. (1) Knife Steel (Sharpening)
23. (1) OXO Silicon Spatula
25. (1) OXO Silicon Spoon Spatula
26. (1) OXO Pasta Spoon
27. (1) OXO Tongs
28. (1) OXO Can Opener
29. (1) OXO Cutting Board
30. (1) Pyrex Measuring Cup


So there it is! All I need for a clean and orderly minimalist kitchen! What item from your kitchen could you not live without!? Share in the comments below! 



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