Hello friends! My name is Kurt. A part-time writer and full-time Healthcare Marketer living in Wisconsin with my dog Pablo.

In the beginning of 2017, I found myself stuck. I was living a life of excess. Excess drinking, eating, stress, work, possessions; excess everything really. In March of 2017, when I turned 32 years old, I decided enough was enough. It was time to make some major changes in my life. On April 1st, I stopped drinking, started eating healthier, began exercising everyday, and shifted my focus from excess to essential.

KiloJulietHotel.com — My Initials: KJH — was created to document my journey and help others like me. Those who want a change in their life. Those who are sick of trying to 'keep up' with the modern world.


Achievements Thus Far: 

  • I have lost 75+ lbs since starting my journey.
  • I am averaging 13,000 steps per day.
  • My total owned possessions are now < 100 items.
  • I am averaging 1.5 books read per week.
  • I am sober since 04.01.2017

On this blog you find categories surrounding everything I am passionate about:

  • Minimalism & Essentialism
  • Meditation & Mindfulness
  • Hiking & Camping
  • Food Science & Healthy Recipes
  • Tea & Drink

New categories will be added as my passions expand.