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2 Months Sober & Healthy

The time has come to celebrate another month of health and sobriety. Health has been my major focus for the past two months. Eating right, exercising, mindfulness, and most importantly: consistency. My days are now structured. I have a morning routine, an after-work routine, and a bedtime routine. I rarely stray from these routines (allowing […]

My Morning Routine

It’s taken me a while to settle on a morning routine. In the past, my morning routine was very hectic. I would sleep in as long as I could, quickly take Pablo outside form him to do his business, take a nice warm shower, search for some clean clothes, rush off to Starbucks, drive to work […]

Meditation and Me

When I tell people that I meditate daily, I am met with a number of differing reactions. “Wow that’s awesome!” “So you’re a hippie now?” “I call those naps.” “That seems like a huge waste of time.” “Meditation is stupid and useless.” Those who have meditated (properly) understand the benefits in doing so. Those who […]