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Minimizing your life…

Living Without a Television

Around a month or so ago I sold my ’55in LED 1080p LG Television’ on Craigslist. Do I miss it? Nope, not at all. Let me explain why. I cancelled my cable subscription in early 2016. The television’s main reason for existence was cut out from beneath it. I kept the television around for use with my […]

Meeting ‘The Minimalists’

The Minimalists are currently on their ‘less is now’ tour spreading the idea of minimalism across the country. Luckily for me, one of their tour stops was in Madison, Wi. I have been following the minimalists for some time now. I have read all three of their books, watched all of their TED talks, listen to their podcast weekly, and […]

Journey to Essentialism: Tech

My second topic on my journey to essentialism is tech. This is 3 fold: Devices, Accounts & Apps. This was one of the more relieving aspects of my journey thus far. Even though these accounts and apps aren’t tangible, it doesn’t mean they won’t bring unneeded stress. Managing many accounts is the equivalent of managing many […]